ISE meet the innovative VIOTAS team

It was very clear to see when we met the VIOTAS team, that VIOTAS was born from a desire and drive to lead the development of smart grid technology and accelerate the use of renewable energy worldwide.

Paddy Finn, CEO and Duncan O’Toole, Commercial Director of VIOTAS are passionate about enabling a low carbon future through developing the most advanced smart grid technologies. A dedicated research and development team, VIOTAS Innovation, develops leading-edge technologies to empower customers to earn revenue and help balance the use of renewable energy in the grid.

These technologies enable commercial or industrial businesses to actively support the security and stability of national electricity grids. By becoming active participants in the power system, VIOTAS customers are rewarded by earning revenue.

VIOTAS use the latest technology to democratise energy and enable a sustainable future, they enable commercial electricity customers to get paid by actively supporting the reliability, security and stability of national electricity grids.“We build Virtual Power Plants with Code instead of bricks & mortar” says VIOTAS commercial director Duncan O’Toole when asked for a one liner on what they do.


ISE met the VIOTAS team to hear more about their cutting-edge software and smart grid technology and also understand how Immersive Software Engineering students will learn on the job during their 6-month residencies.

“We put a lot of value on talent, attitude and aptitude, so we are partnering with the Immersive Software Engineering programme at UL, to identify great potential. For VIOTAS it gives us a chance to work with people like you and we get a chance to see what you can do and the innovations we can create together.” said head of software engineering – John O’Donavan.


ISE students will ‘learn by doing’ in real-world environments in the world’s most innovative companies, such as VIOTAS.


Immersive Software Engineering students get a Masters degree in 4 years and go on paid work residencies with 5 companies during their 4 years with ISE. So you get to work with and learn from some of the worlds top companies like VIOTAS and others.

Learn more about VIOTAS and ISE.

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