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Imagine a computer science degree where you learn by doing. Where you learn in studios working on projects, not in lecture halls. Where you never take an end-of-term exam and where you get a Masters qualification in four years. Where you spend half your time being paid to solve some of society’s toughest problems in the world’s best companies, and half your time learning with the best lecturers and researchers. This is Immersive Software Engineering at the University of Limerick or ISE as it is known.

Watch co-directors; Tiziana Margaria and Stephen Kinsella, along with the ISE course director J.J. Collins to learn all you need to know about the Immersive Software Engineering Programme at UL in the video above.

Key points of ISE:

✅ A Masters degree in under 4 years
✅ Immersive learning in a studio environment
✅ Each student spends half their time ‘learning by doing’ on paid residencies with top companies
✅ Academic credit gained for time spent on residency
✅ No large end of year exams
✅ Graduate with 2 years experience and a Masters

You will learn software by doing it:

ISE’s residencies are inspired by medical school residencies, in which trainee doctors apply what they have studied in a classroom to patients while being mentored. Software engineering is a craft you learn by doing. We think you’ll learn best on the job, with mentoring from both industry and academia.

In your four years at ISE you’ll complete up to five paid residencies, each between three and six months long. Each residency teaches you a suite of concrete skills and gives you the opportunities to practice them. Throughout the degree you’ll alternate your time between on-campus learning blocks and residencies in partner companies. Find the list of Partner Companies on the ISE homepage.





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